Sunday, January 9, 2011

Son of a friend in the NFL

Hello Anthony,

Was this letter stacked up with all your other fan mail? Requests for autographs? We want you to know we are so proud of you for attaining this goal of playing in the NFL. Your family and friends must be sharing in your happiness – your father would have been elated! We have commented so many times recently that Tom would have been so conflicted over your recent events because, like us, he was a committed Dallas Cowboys fan and a Redskins hater – did you know he used to call them “The Deadskins”? We also know that he would be delighting in telling everyone, “That’s my son!”

When we watched you play for the Desperados we happened to be sitting directly in front of the opponents’ owner, Ron Jaworski. We had never liked him in his playing years because the Eagles had always been a big Cowboys rival – but we chatted a lot during the game, admired his Super Bowl ring and actually started liking the man. He said to tell you that you had great potential – He knew something was special about you back then!

During preseason we read postings on the Redskins website – a writer there described you as hard working and humble. Those are great character traits to always carry with you. Remember to also carry the traits from your father that we’ve mentioned before, his positive attitude and his generosity. When he passed away, we kept his last voice mail message on our answering machine until that machine stopped working because they were encouraging words. He said, “Hello Greens. This is Armstrong. Tell me something good!”

We will enjoy watching you play. Although we can never cheer for the “Deadskins”, we will always cheer for you! Go Cowboys!

Peace, Love and Blessings,

Susan and Darrell Green (ironic that a famous Wash. Player has the same name!)

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