Sunday, January 9, 2011

Christmas Letter

December 2010

We are “recognizing the grace that has been given to us.” Galatians 2:9

Darrell and I have a good life - we are blessed and we are thankful. In retirement, Darrell is active in supplying adapted bicycles to people with disabilities through the local AMBUCS organization, golfing, hunting, taking care of his mother and taking care of me. Nearing retirement, I am trying to maintain my stamina to spend my days with 13 year olds teaching math while also finding my energy by service in the community. Along with Darrell, I volunteer at city events through the Sister-City Committee to provide support for the girls’ home in Grapevine’s connection with Paras, Mexico. Last weekend we had the pleasure of running the hot chocolate concession at the Polar Express activities – what joy to see & talk to all the families with young children wearing their jammies acting out one of their favorite books! I have also found a calling to serve in my church through the Stephens Ministry and Project Read. What we find through experiencing these events is blessing beyond our expectations – every time!

As you can probably tell as you “read between the lines”, we love living in Grapevine. There are lots of fun activities such as Grapefest, Main St. Days, Friday night fireworks through the summer, the vintage train, the farmers market, the flea market, the historic district, the botanical gardens, the lake…but what we like best is the spirit of the people. People here always seem to be doing something to help others when there is a need. We are repeatedly witnesses to acts of kindness and generosity.

Although we are completely content at home, we do love to travel whenever we can. Our top two destinations are Austin TX (home of Jonathan & Erica) and Carbondale/Redstone CO (home of Travis & Chelsea). Our summer trip to CO this year included a tour of beautiful places in Utah – Arches National Park, Monument Valley, Glen Canyon National Park and a houseboat weekend on Lake Powell. Darrell makes lots of trips to “The Ranch” in Throckmorton TX which has been in his family for nearly 100 years and I go, too, a couple times a year for some campfire comfort.

Fun is always found in supporting our sports teams - go Mavericks! When one is down (Dallas Cowboys, Longhorn football), another gives us surprises (TX Rangers, TCU Horn Frogs)!

We send you our love. We are blessed to have you in our circle of family and friends.

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