Saturday, February 26, 2011

Servant Hood

Servant hood

Isn’t it funny when God calls us to do a task we seem to think he actually means someone else? Like God makes mistakes? LOL!

God told Abraham’s wife, Sarah, that she was going to have a baby, through which Abraham would become a father of multitudes, a father of a great nation. What did she do? She laughed out loud because of her age and decided that God actually meant for her to give Hagar to her husband to have the promised child! (Genesis 18) Do we all have our own personal version of this story? Really God, you want me to do what?

Last summer I spread the amazing story of a time God called me to do something & I thought it impossible; I tried to pass the task on to someone else. During a hot midday event at Grace, I was sitting under a tree waiting for a breeze while giving out books as part of a church program called Project Read. A woman who I had seen regularly throughout the summer came to me with a request. We had spoken limitedly on previous occasions since I knew little Spanish and she knew limited English. She asked me to help her get an air conditioner for her mobile home so her children could sleep at night. I was stunned. I was giving out books not air conditioners! I got her address and phone number and told her I would see what I could do to help. OK- so my first thought was that someone at the church needed to help her. Before I went home, I drove back to the church and took the note to the church secretary & asked her to find someone to help that family. Later that evening while Darrell and I were comfortably settled in our Lazy boy chairs watching TV we had a phone call from our friend Curt, “Hey, what do y’all want me to do with that old air conditioner you gave me – I bought a new one.” Again, I was stunned! Of course, we knew what to do with it! I called the church the next day to get Gloria’s information and we contacted her and took it to her at Shady Oaks a.s.a.p. When God called on me, I had mistakenly thought he meant someone else – I had almost missed out on a miracle!

One Sunday, Rick Mang was preaching about his early days as a minister. His congregation had many needs and, although that was his job, he could not be there for every person who needed someone to listen to their problems. He talked about the Stephens Ministry and how that serves the needs of many of the people in our church community. He also called for people from our congregation to apply for the next training class. I thought, yes that sounds like a good program and I hope some good people sign up for it. The song at the end of the worship service was “Pass It On” – I knew it by heart!; the theme song of a Christian musical that I performed with my youth choir in the early 70’s. God was speaking to me and telling me that he was not waiting around for the “good people” to sign up; I should not “Pass on” the job to someone else. Just do it – and He will take care of the rest. I did and through this experience I have been blessed beyond measure!

In my Stephens Ministry training, I was drawn to a classmate’s stories of her granddaughter. She was always bringing her name up in prayer requests and worrying over her troubles at school. I contacted a few friends at the girl’s school and asked them to watch for her and help her if they could- here I go passing the buck again! I kept thinking about and praying for Tabitha. During this time frame, my previous extra-curricular commitments at school had ended and my previous Stephens Ministry assignment had ended the formal relationship so a tiny idea popped into my mind, “Maybe she needs a tutor – maybe I should offer to tutor…” I sent her grandmother and email and this was her reply:

You are an answer to prayer. Tabitha is failing miserably and desperately needs help. I have been crying out to God night and day for an answer. So, YES, she would like to meet with you once a week.

I start tutoring next week….

Matthew 19:26 With God all things are possible.

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