Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Letter




December 2014, Christmas Greetings!

If you are reading this, we are in some way connected.  Thank you for the part you have played in blessing our lives!  Thinking about the season of Advent and the symbols of the candles, these ideas & events sum up our year.

Hope – Terrible and silly stories fill up our TV news, computer home pages and hometown chatter yet in the midst of all the noise, there are pockets of hope.  That’s the fun in our enjoyed past times of fishing, hunting and golf, gardening and games (still love poker, learning Mah Jong), cooking and crafts. Hope in the anticipation of something good!

Peace – Where is your “happy place”?  Walking the gullies and animal trails of the old family home place surrounded by rough landscapes of mesquite trees, prickly pear, rocky sandstone and wide open sky 180 degrees; Wind, sun and water welcoming visitors on the lake; Cozied up in a lazy boy recliner, good book in the lap, comforting view out the back door of the changing seasons; Stirring up the embers of a campfire; Awareness of smallness surrounded by Rocky Mountains.  Peace is all around us, all the time.  We just need to notice.

Joy - The greatest joy we found in family, friends (people and pets) and acts of service. The grandchildren share lots of smiles, hugs and fun.  Keller is 2.5+, lives in Austin TX with his parents Jonathan and Erica; he loves cars, trucks, trains and outside! Sadie is the little mountain girl, 15 months, living in Redstone CO with her parents Travis and Chelsea.  She likes to dance and ski!  Another granddaughter will join the family in March (Keller becomes a big brother), more joy!

Love – So much to love about life!  We had a great celebration of Papaw’s (Benny Kohn, Susan’s father) 80th birthday.  All the family met in Buena Vista CO for a long weekend in July where we shared a rented home for some good times together - Enjoyed golf, hikes, hot springs and soothing scenery of the creeks, rivers and mountains. Another milestone of love, we celebrated our 40th Anniversary of marriage – a little party with friends, including some members of the original wedding party.

Christ – The foundation of life; the source of our blessings; the reason for celebrating.
Romans 15:13

May all the symbols of Advent put light in your life and peace in your heart,

Darrell and Susan Green

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