Saturday, August 3, 2013

Embarking on a Spiritual Journey

Trip journal, day 1-2, travel to Kenya

7/20-21, woke from a peaceful sleep after intermittent worries all week, worries for Timmy , Alyce, Randy, Stevie, Sam; worries for my eating, drinking & health in a strange place, worries for the unknown,I feel like I am taking a spiritual journey like Billy Jack or the old woman in The Stand, I remember Duana the psychic predicting this journey on my own to a far away place, I thought she was wrong at the time, wish I could remember her exact words, but I do remember she said it would be good, our group met at the church to ride together in the church van to the airport, we met the people joining us from Temple & Salado, my heart must have been overflowing because when i received hugs and sweet words from Kenda & Emily Diehm i burst into tears, so much love, memories & emotions in that moment, we had some encouraging words from people who had been on this mission trip before, speaking about openness and life change, my friend's husband who had loaned me his electrical adapters said that he hoped that we would have spiritual protection, that struck the worry chord in me, what does that mean? Why do we need it? Guess I will find out.

While I am passing through the air on two long plane rides, I am thinking of loved ones at home. Darrell's text said he had been shopping for a fold up cart to haul gear to our relocated boat slip and then watching the Rangers in a poor performance. I'm still leaving on a jet plane and I bet he is by now watching the British open hoping for an American to win. Bonnie, Alyce and Lea are celebrating their birthdays. Former high school classmates are celebrating our 40th reunion. Nana & pawpaw are in Austin helping Jonathan care for Keller while Erica is in Maine enjoying a girls trip. Travis & Chelsea are recovering from a motor home trip with her family to Montana and planning a party/baby shower. Gail & Mary are patiently waiting to progress through tests & doctor appointments hoping for healing to come soon for Mary's painful back problems.

I am not really on my own as the psychic said, but I am with a group of people that I barely know so that is sort of like being on my own, and at the same time i am meeting some lovely new people, on the bus to our plane in London chatted with a man carrying a mandolin , the conversation lead to him telling of beginning a new job tomorrow as a missionary in Nairobi through the African inland church, I had heard of this group through my friend Suzanne who had spent last year teaching at Rift Valley Academy, he said his wife taught at RVA for the last 3 years, this family was sitting near me on the plane (the Saums) and I met the wife and children, she knew Suzanne, had spent time in her home & taught 5 previous years at Silverlake Elem in Grapevine where I volunteer each week during the school year, God gives us so many connections in his world!
(Sorry this picture of The Saums is so blurry, taken from the plane while passengers were somewhat jostling to unload.  Bless this family!)

One last observation for this entry: I've noticed that babies all cry and babble in the same language:)

Galatians 3:26. For ye are all the children of God.

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